Our 365 Nutrition Coaching Program

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At DeHenzel Training Systems, our 365 Nutrition Coaching Program is taught by a Precision Nutrition Level 1 and Certified ProCoach.  Through the course of your program, you will work with your very own coach on a daily and weekly basis for a total of 365 (life changing) days.

You may be thinking, 365 days?!  That’s a year!  That’s a long time to commit!  Why not a 30-day program?!  Well, simply put, it takes more than 30 (or even 90) days to truly change your life and develop new and long-lasting healthy habits.  And a year goes by rather fast, so why not commit your time to a program that has proven long-term results rather than another yo-yo diet!

Over the course of a year you will work one-on-one with your coach through a series of daily lessons, new weekly habits to implement and direct interaction with your coach.  Check out our video and learn more about how our nutrition program can help you.

How Our 365 Nutrition Coaching Program Works

nutrition coaching for northern virginia

So just how does the program work?  Well as mentioned above, you will get a new lesson delivered daily through our online coaching platform.  Every two weeks, you will also be give a new habit to work on and implement into your daily life.  Every month, you will upload a picture to share with your coach as one way to track your progress.  You’ll get regular feedback from your coach and be able to reach out to her directly as well.  Click below to learn more about coaching specifically for you:

What Our Clients Are Saying

Over the years I have tried a few of the fad diets and counted calories (on several occasions) and while these approaches have generally shown some short term benefits none of them have provided the long term sustainable nutritional wellness I am now looking for.  That has all changed with the Nutrition Program.  Sophie worked with me to understand my goals and my lifestyle and helped me make simple adjustments to how and what I eat.  I am now on a journey to long term nutritional success and I am enjoying it! – Chad W. –  Aldie, VA

I have been training with Sophie for about 3 years now…Recently I’ve become more aware of how not only exercising, but nutrition is needed for me to achieve my goals. Through the help of Sophie and her nutrition coaching, I am no longer dieting, instead I am making a life-style change. She has shown me though the nutrition program a great way to measure my portions and all about portion control. She has also made me more aware of nutritional ingredients and labeling. She has introduced achievable goals and has helped me find a program that fits me! – Sharon W. –  Aldie, VA

I’ve always considered myself a fairly healthy eater but I struggle to keep my weight down without working out 7 days a week. As I was going through the nutrition program with Sophie, I was able to make minor modifications in my eating habits that are proving to be sustainable and natural. I now have more energy and I am finding it easier to maintain my weight without killing myself at the gym. – Eric W. – Reston, VA

I needed help with nutrition, meal planning, lifestyle changes, workout routines and this program provides help with all of that. Instant email access is HUGE plus. Knowing I can shoot off an email in the middle of the grocery store and get a timely response is a big deal for me. – Rey N. – Sterling, VA

The program focuses on building habits rather than tracking points or calories. This was a more practical approach for me and my lifestyle. Previously, I set unrealistic goals about weight loss and I would give up when I wasn’t seeing results fast enough. The program helped me make realistic goals and develop healthy habits within the realities of my life. This is the only program that I have used and seen consistent results. I would lose a little weight with previous programs, but it would come back after a few weeks. – Eileen H. – Chicago, IL