Begin With an In Home Personal Trainer in Oakton, VA

in home personal trainer oakton va

If you’re looking for a convenient solution to your busy lifestyle, you’ve come to the right place. Our experienced and certified Oakton in home personal trainers are ready to get your started on your health and fitness journey!

Our specialty is in home personal training, although we do offer a wide variety of additional services to fit your specific needs including: weight loss/nutrition, post rehabilitation training, senior training, pre/post natal training, kids/teen training and boxing.

If you have any questions or you’re ready to schedule your consultation, please contact us today. We look forward to connecting with you!

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Working with an In Home Personal Trainer in Oakton, VA

in home personal trainer in oakton va

Working with an in home personal trainer in Oakton, VA has never been easier (click here to read about the benefits of in home personal training). Our certified personal trainers bring the gym to you in the comfort of your own home, workplace or outdoors.

Our personal training services extend throughout the entire community of Oakton, located in Fairfax County, as well as surrounding cities such as: Annandale, Centreville, Chantilly, Fairfax, Falls Church, Reston, Tysons Corner and Vienna.

If you’re looking for a fitness solution to your busy lifestyle, contact us today. We would love to get your started on your health and fitness journey and help you reach your goals. Oakton, we’re here for you!

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We are proud to be named Home-Based Business of the Year in 2015 by the Loudoun County Chamber of Commerce, during the prestigious annual Small Business Awards.

We are equally honored to be named a Finalist for Small Business of the Year in 2016, also during the annual Small Business awards.

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With over 10 years in business and countless of clients of served throughout Northern VA, Maryland and Washington DC, we are proud to average a 5-star rating on Google Reviews. You can view our 100+ client reviews here.

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in home personal trainer for northern va

“If you’re looking for a trainer I highly recommend you use DeHenzel Training Systems whether you’re just getting into shape or training for a particular goal.” – Steve, Leesburg

“If you have been thinking about getting a trainer but have doubts, then my advice is just go for it with DeHenzel Training Systems.” – Anne, Reston

in home personal training for northern virginia

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How is In Home Personal Training different than going to a gym?

    In home personal training is different from training in a gym for a variety of reasons. With in home personal training, you benefit from the convenience of having the gym come to you. Travel time is eliminated to and from the gym, leaving you with more time for yourself and your family. You also experience the accountability of having a standing appointment that comes to you, regardless of the weather. Also notable, is the privacy, comfort, one-on-one undivided and uninterrputed attention you receive with our team, opposed to at a large, busy gym.

  • I’ve never worked with a personal trainer before; what can I expect during the first session?

    Congratulations on taking a big step and hiring a trainer! During the first session, your trainer will take you through a warmup, workout, and cooldown with dynamic and assisted stretching. They will observe the way you negotiate certain exercises and movements, handle various loads of resistance, and identify areas of strengths and weaknesses. Your trainer will communicate in depth with you to make sure they are pushing your appropriately, effectively and most importantly, safely.

  • Is my fitness level high enough to work with a personal trainer?

    It is a misconception that you must be in top shape to hire a personal trainer. At DeHenzel Training Systems, we welcome and work with clients of all fitness levels. Our trainers will customize your workouts to fit your needs and will appropriately progress your workouts as your fitness level increases.

  • I have some concerning aches and pains; can I still workout with a trainer?

    Yes, of course!  Many of our clients have contraindications to exercise and are still able to workout safely and effectively. We have a lot of experience working with clients with major aches, pains, injuries and degenerative diseases. If necessary, we will communicate with your doctor or physical therapist to find what exercise program best suits your needs. Regardless of your limitations, exercise is possible!

  • I don’t have any equipment, do I need to buy some?

    No problem! Our trainers will bring all the equipment necessary to your home, including but not limited to: free weights, medicine balls, resistance bands, boxing gloves/mitts, and a yoga mat. If you do have equipment that you would like to incorporate, just let your trainer know, and they will happily make use of your equipment.

  • How much space do I need for the workout?

    There is no space too small or big for an in home session. Our trainers are very skilled and creative and are able to work in any size space. As long as there is a clear area, with some space to move around, a workout is possible. If you have access to a gym in your community or building, we can also workout there if you would prefer.

  • How do you hire your trainers?

    We are very particular about who we hire and carefully select our trainers out of many qualified candidates. Each trainer goes through three rounds of interviews: a phone interview, an in-person interview, and a thorough reference/background check. Once we hire a trainer, we work with each individual through our 6-month mentoring program where we sharpen and mold their skills. We also place a large emphasis on continuing education. We only hire the best personal trainers to join our team!

  • Are your trainers certified?

    Yes! Our personal trainers are certified through widely recognized personal training institutes and accreditations. Some of our trainers have degrees in exercise science and kinesiology. All of our trainers also pass a certified background check. Each of our trainers actively participate in our 6-month mentoring program where they are able to grow and build their professional skills. Most importantly, our trainers are very passionate about fitness and helping people change their lives, one workout at a time.

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