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At DeHenzel Training Systems, we adhere to and follow the world-class Precision Nutrition nutritional coaching system, an industry leader in the nutrition field.  Our Lean Eating programs are realistic and built for long-term success, unlike many popular fad diets where the results are short-term.

In our Lean Eating program, our coaches will work with you to create an individualized nutritional approach that is based on your goals and your lifestyle. We will teach you how to eat for your body and work with you to develop healthy, long-term habits.  We will also trouble-shoot through any road bumps along the way.

I have been training with Sophie for about 3 years now…Recently I’ve become more aware of how not only exercising, but nutrition is needed for me to achieve my goals. Through the help of Sophie and the Lean Eating nutrition program I am no longer dieting, instead I am making a life-style change. She has shown me though the lean eating nutrition program a great way to measure my portions and all about portion control. She has also made me more aware of nutritional ingredients and labeling. She has introduced achievable goals and has helped me find a program that fits me! – Sharon W. –  Aldie, VA

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Our Program will teach you everything you need to reach the following goals:weight loss service northern virginia

          • Looking Better – improved body composition
          • Feeling Better – improved health
          • Playing Better – improved athletic and everyday performance

To reach theses goals, our Lean Eating Program will teach you exactly:

          • What to eat – which foods are best for your goals
          • How much to eat – calorie intake and food portions
          • How to eat it – rate of intake and utilizing hunger and fullness cues

Over the years I have tried a few of the fad diets and counted calories (on several occasions) and while these approaches have generally shown some short term benefits none of them have provided the long term sustainable nutritional wellness I am now looking for.  That has all changed with the Lean Eating Nutrition Program.  Sophie worked with me to understand my goals and my lifestyle and helped me make simple adjustments to how and what I eat.  I am now on a journey to long term nutritional success and I am enjoying it! – Chad W. –  Aldie, VA

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nutrition services for northern virginiaOur 8-Week Lean Eating Nutrition Program

At DeHenzel Training Systems, we offer a Lean Eating Nutrition Program taught by a Precision Nutrition Level 1 Certified Coach.  Through the course of your program, you will meet on a weekly basis for eight weeks, one-on-one with your coach.

Our program includes a complimentary phone consultation, 30-minute coaching sessions performed virutally, regular body composition assessments, tracking and adherence forms, a variety of individualized nutrition lessons, and ongoing email support.  Our programs also include a Precision Nutrition comprehensive binder and access to a year long online membership.

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Our 8-Week program is designed for anyone, regardless of their current nutritional habits, who is ready to look, feel and move better.  This program is not a quick fix but a long-term approach to teaching you how to live and maintain a healthy lifestyle through proper nutrition, designed for your unique needs.  Our program includes:

  • Complimentary phone consultation
  • 30-minute virtual meetings
  • Individualized nutrition lessons
  • Ongoing Adherence tracking forms
  • Ongoing measurements/assessments
  • Unlimited email access and support
  • 1 Precision Nutrition Complete System Binder
  • 1 year online Precision Nutrition membership

I needed help with nutrition, meal planning, lifestyle changes, workout routines and this program provides help with all of that. Instant email access is HUGE plus. Knowing I can shoot off an email in the middle of the grocery store and get a timely response is a big deal for me. – Rey N. – Sterling, VA

I’ve always considered myself a fairly healthy eater but I struggle to keep my weight down without working out 7 days a week. As I was going through the nutrition program with Sophie, I was able to make minor modifications in my eating habits that are proving to be sustainable and natural. I now have more energy and I am finding it easier to maintain my weight without killing myself at the gym. – Eric W. – Reston, VA

The program focuses on building habits rather than tracking points or calories. This was a more practical approach for me and my lifestyle. Previously, I set unrealistic goals about weight loss and I would give up when I wasn’t seeing results fast enough. The program helped me make realistic goals and develop healthy habits within the realities of my life. This is the only program that I have used and seen consistent results. I would lose a little weight with previous programs, but it would come back after a few weeks. – Eileen H. – Chicago, IL

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Frequently Asked Questions

How long is the Lean Eating Program?  Great question!  All of our clients begin with our 8-week program, with appointments spanning once a week with your PN coach.  After the 8-weeks, your coach will help put together a recommended follow up plan, based on your progress and goals.  Follow up appointments can be anywhere from once per week to once every few months.
Are the Lean Eating Programs based on a diet?  Simply put, no.  At DeHenzel Training Systems, we don’t believe in diets.  Our nutritional programs are based on the principles of Precision Nutrition, where we coach our clients to learn how to live a healthy lifestyle through proper nutrition.  Through our programs, you can expect to make dietary changes, but the changes won’t be drastic or unrealistic.  Our goal is to teach you how to incorporate proper nutrition in your life in a sustainable way and for the long term.
Will I be given a meal plan to follow? The majority of our clients will not be given a specific meal plan to follow.  We will provide you with dietary guidelines throughout the weeks and teach you how to make healthy choices.  A very small percent of clients who are already nutritionally advanced in their lifestyle, may be given a meal plan to follow if appropriate.
Will I have to count calories?  No!  That’s the beauty of our programs.  At DeHenzel Training Systems, we feel that it is unnecessary to have clients count calories.  Not only is it extremely time consuming but counting calories can leave a large window for error.
If I don’t count calories, how will I lose weight?  We will teach you how to select and control your portions, what to eat, how often to eat, and how to eat (meal timing), and the 5 Habits which include when to stop eating.  By following these guidelines and with the proper exercise, your body will naturally follow along.
Where do the one-on-one meetings take place?  Our meetings take place virtually for added convenience.  They can be performed over the phone, FaceTime or through Skype.
What is covered in the one-on-one meetings?  Great question!  Each meeting will be based on your individual goals and needs and will include a mixture of goal setting, trouble shooting (discussing areas where you are having difficulties), a variety of nutrition lessons, and much more!
What type of nutrition lessons can I expect?  Our nutrition lessons are based on what area(s) we feel you can greatly benefit from.  Lessons may include the following: kitchen makeover, grocery shopping tour, eating on the go, the 5 Habits, understanding energy balance, and lessons in sugar, fats, and fruits and vegetables.


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