dehenzel training systems mentoring program


At DeHenzel Training Systems, we place a very high emphasis on the education of our trainers and their professional development, not only during the new hire phase, but for the duration of employment.

In order to ensure that every one of our trainers is 100% qualified and prepared to work with all clientele, regardless of their physical needs, limitations or goals, we created our completely unique mentoring program.

our mentoring program



Our mentoring program begins with our company manual, which is given to each new hire. The goal of the manual is to provide the trainer with the tools to perform at the highest level possible. Each manual contains precise scripts to be memorized, potential client scenarios to navigate, company procedures and protocols.

Before a trainer is placed with a client, they are taught through one-on-one education sessions led by veteran trainers and owners, Jason & Sophie, on how to do the following: communicate effectively with a client, work with potential injuries, teach various exercises, structure a workout program properly, explore new industry techniques and leaders, and carry out company procedures.

dts mentoring program



One of the most important aspects of our mentoring program is our observation sessions. During our observation sessions, practice clients are brought in for training sessions with our new hires. During the training session, each new hire is observed by management and is critiqued through a 10-point checklist. Multiple observations sessions are conducted before the trainer works with an official client.

Unlike other competing fitness companies, our mentoring program exceeds our competitor’s approach to developing their new hires. While most companies have a training program, they usually last a few weeks to maybe one month. Our mentoring program grows with each trainer through the duration of employment.

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