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Boxing is one of our most popular in-home personal training services and is a great form of conditioning, stimulating all major muscle groups while providing a combination of both aerobic and anaerobic exercise. Boxing improves every type of physical capacity: strength, power, coordination, and endurance. Additionally, boxing provides many mental health benefits such as relieving stress and depression. Adding boxing regimens to your fitness routine will help you lose weight, become more defined, give you more strength, and increase your endurance.


Our trainers at DeHenzel Training Systems will work with you one on one to teach you the fundamentals of boxing and proper technique. Boxing regimens can be added into strength and conditioning circuits or can stand alone as hour long boxing sessions. We find that once introduced to boxing, our clients become hooked. After a session, our clients have been overheard saying the session flew by, they didn’t even know they were exercising! Not only do they find it to be a great strength and cardiovascular workout, they find it to be really fun!


• Increased weight loss, develop a lean and toned body
• Increased hand and foot speed
• Improved hand-eye coordination
• Reduced stress and depression
• An overall fun and effective way to workout

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