Certified In Home Personal Trainer Rosslyn White

Rosslyn White

Rosslyn is a dedicated and experienced personal trainer hailing from Prince George’s County, Maryland, and currently residing in Alexandria, Virginia. With over 20 years of experience in the fitness industry, she has honed her skills and is an ISSA Certified Personal Trainer. 

Beyond her professional achievements, Rosslyn has a vibrant passion for sports and outdoor activities. Whether it’s playing volleyball, basketball, or football, she thrives on the energy and excitement of athletic endeavors. Additionally, Rosslyn finds solace and joy in nature through activities like hiking and camping.

What truly sets her apart is her unwavering dedication to helping others achieve their fitness goals. With a wealth of experience working with individuals of all fitness levels, she excels in providing personalized 1-on-1 training sessions and leading small group training. Rosslyn’s friendly and supportive approach fosters an environment of growth and empowerment for her clients.

In her free time, she explores her creative side by learning to play the acoustic guitar. This fun fact showcases her continuous desire for personal growth and embracing new challenges. With Rosslyn’s expertise, genuine enthusiasm, and commitment to success, she is your go-to personal trainer who will guide you on your fitness journey with a smile.

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