Thank you for choosing DeHenzel Training Systems to be part of your health and fitness journey; we are excited to get started with you!  To help you better understand what to expect from your consultation as well as best prepare for it, we’ve put together a list of topics that we will cover during your appointment.  As always, please let us know if we can help to answer any questions you may have before, during, or after your consultation!

  • Training Goals – It’s all about you!  We’ve already discussed your health and fitness goals during our initial phone call, but now it’s time to get into further depth.  We will go over your health and fitness goals, as well as your likes and dislikes with working out, training preferences, and any other key details that will help us best plan your training sessions.
  • Health and Exercise History – During the health and exercise history section, we will discuss any past or present injuries (think lower back, knee, ankle, and wrist injuries) or conditions (think high blood pressure, high cholesterol, rapid heart beat, diabetes, etc.).  This is chance for us to become familiar with your body, as safety is a top concern of ours.  If we feel it’s necessary, we will ask you to get medical clearance from your doctor as a safety measure before we begin your initial training session.
  • Initial Training Session – At this time, we will schedule and book your initial session with your trainer. If you need a medical clearance, we may ask that you receive written clearance from your doctor before the initial session. If this is the case, we will discuss this with you.
  • Informed Consent/Training Agreement – Once we get through your training goals and health and exercise history, we will take you through a our digital paperwork.  This section will cover our informed consent, which basically states that you are ready to exercise and assume all risks associated with doing so!  We will also take you through our training agreement and late cancellation policy.
  • Pricing – If you haven’t done so yet, please familiarize yourself with our pricing and personal training packages before the consultation.
  • Billing Account – One of the last steps that we will take you through is to collect your billing information to setup an online account through our billing software, MindBody.  During this time, we will collect a $100 ($125 for couples training) non-refundable deposit to hold your initial training session. Please note, we accept all major debit/credit cards, except for AMEX. This deposit can go towards the package of your choice after your initial session is complete.
  • COVID Policies – Keeping our team and clients healthy and safe is our priority and one we take very seriously.  Please refer to our COVID policies and procedures to learn more about our precautions in place.
  • Questions/Concerns – Be sure to ask us any questions throughout our consultation or state any concerns you may have.  Don’t be shy; ask away!
  • Thank You! – Thank you in advance for selecting DeHenzel Training Systems for your personal training needs and inviting us into your lives.  We are excited to be a part of your health and fitness journey!