Certified In home Personal trainer Tamara Tarasova

Tamara Tarasova
NASM Senior Fitness Specialist
Pre/Post Natal Fitness Instructor
Parkinson’s Disease Awareness Training
Argentine Tango Instructor
Progressive Ballet Technique Teacher
Co-Active Coach (Behavior Coaching)

Tamara was born in Ukraine and was raised in Moscow, Russia. In 2009, after a successful career in administration, management, and psychological counseling she moved to the United States where she acquired Master’s Degree in Curriculum Design from George Mason University.

Since then, she has been serving the government, businesses, and non-profits to design and develop face-to-face and online training. Her passion for education translates into her fitness approach. She aspires to educate clients on the best fitness practices and techniques and uses a progressing and well-structured approach to design fitness programs.

As a child, Tamara has been actively involved in various physical activities, such as ballet classes, swim teams, horseback riding, and hatha yoga. At the age of 17, she discovered International Ballroom dancing and since then, different styles of dancing have become her body conditioning, mind-body practice, and a creative outlet all at once.

She has performed Argentine Tango at the Embassy of Argentina to the US and represented the Brazilian Samba at the DC Fiesta parade. Currently, she teaches Argentine Tango and is actively exploring Fusion dance. By using fitness exercises targeting specific muscle groups, she helps her dance students to achieve better dance technique much faster compared to conventional dance drills.

Tamara is a Pre/Post Natal Fitness Instructor, which allows her to effectively work with women in all stages of their pregnancy and post-pregnancy, safely and effectively. Tamara is also a Senior Fitness Specialist which allows her to safely and effectively guide her clients through fitness sessions designed to support aging. Personally, she has worked with seniors of all ages, leading up to age 97 years of age!

Tamara has also completed Parkinson’s Disease Awareness Training for Fitness Professionals, through the American Parkinson Disease Association. This allows Tamara to safely and effectively work with those who exhibit all forms of Parkinson’s disease, from the initial stage to more progressed stages.

As a fitness professional, Tamara enjoys working with her clients to achieve a wide variety of goals, be it improving overall health, losing weight, improving post-injury body dynamics, or developing specific sports-related skills. In addition, Tamara also has an extensive background in therapy and behavior coaching which helps her clients to effectively navigate various emotional pitfalls on the fitness road, such as a temporary lack of motivation or difficulties in prioritizing various aspects of life. 

Apart from fitness and dancing, Tamara enjoys nature walks, natural water swimming, playing violin, and warm talks with her friends. She resides in Ashburn, VA with her family. 

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