Post Rehabilitation Training


Post rehabilitation training is designed to help the client return to optimal function after the acute phase of a musculoskeletal, cardiovascular, or neurological condition, usually following surgery or physical therapy. Although there are many current initiatives to help bridge the gap between health care and fitness, training is not meant to replace medical treatment, but to complement it. The goal of post rehabilitation training is to return the client to a pre-injury state of fitness or better.


Our trainers at DeHenzel Training Systems work with a variety of clients who have conditions that may include hypertension, diabetes, chronic musculoskeletal disorders, chronic lower back pain, ACL reconstruction, arthritis, fibromyalgia, total joint replacements, chronic tendinitis, muscular imbalances and others. As part of a special population or rehab clients, we work cooperatively with your medical professionals to develop safe and effective fitness programs based on information provided by your physician, physical therapist or chiropractor. Through a progressed training program, we work to restore your strength, power, balance, proprioception, gait patterns, endurance, muscle fiber recruitment, joint stability, coordination, flexibility, and range of motion (ROM).


• Improved joint stability
• Improved functional flexibility and endurance
• Decreased cardiac risk factors
• Decreased possibility of re-injury
• Improved overall functional capacity

References: American Academy of Health, Fitness, Rehabilitation Professionals (AAHFRP)

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