Patrick Bernat
Pre/Post Natal Fitness Instructor

A true local, Patrick was born in the District of Columbia and currently resides in Silver Spring, MD. In addition to being a certified personal trainer he is also a baseball coach—a line of work that shares many similarities with personal training. In fact, it was through coaching baseball that he discovered his passion for helping people accomplish athletic and fitness goals. 

Patrick has a degree in Communications and for many years worked in healthcare-related communications. Nowadays, his strong communication skills and his kind nature serve him well as he builds productive relationships with baseball players and personal training clients alike.  

In addition to his years of playing and coaching baseball, Patrick enjoyed boxing at a vintage boxing gym in DC off and on for more than a decade. As far back as his college days and after graduation, he worked side jobs in various gyms and always enjoyed working out. These days, he participates in high-intensity functional fitness workouts five or six days a week. He feels these functional fitness workouts give him a sense of mastery of his own body, and greater head-to-toe strength and fitness than he has ever had before. 

Patrick has a son who, unsurprisingly, is a baseball player. In fact, Patrick is fortunate enough to be head coach of his son’s baseball team. In his spare time Patrick loves to do anything and everything with his son. The two enjoy the outdoors together and they love to visit the National Parks together. The parks located in the desert southwest are Patrick’s favorite. When time allows, he is also a woodworker. He builds and refinishes pieces of furniture, and makes frames for wall art. 

Patrick is very comfortable working with clients of all ages and fitness levels. He feels strongly that exercise should be fun, rewarding, and an escape from the stress of the real world. He sees earning a client’s trust as the single most important thing he can do in a client-trainer relationship. After all, the most knowledgeable trainer in the world won’t be effective if he or she isn’t trustworthy, isn’t reliable, or can’t communicate well. 

Patrick is eager to meet you and to learn about your goals, and to provide you with the guidance and encouragement you need to achieve them. 

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