One-On-One In Home Personal Training

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All personal training sessions can take place in the privacy of your own home, apartment or office gym or even outdoors.

We offer both 45 or 60 minute training sessions, beginning at $89/session. Rates vary based on training package (12, 24 or 48 sessions).

We offer the option to pay in full or a variety of installments, all major credits cards are accepted. Please contact us for a detailed rate card.

Couples/Duo Training

Rates for couples/duo training are an additional $25 per person/per session, making it cost effective. Training is customized to each client, within each session.

Couples/duo training applies to couples, friends, neighbors, siblings, any arrangement where two people are sharing a training session.

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Introductory Session

in home personal training intro session

We offer an intro session without obligation to continue, to ensure the right fit with your matched trainer. There is no obligation to continue training past the initial session if we are not the best fit for you.

HSA/FSA Reimbursement

Use your HSA or FSA dollars for personal training! We have partnered with Truemed, making the process easy. If approved, Truemed will handle all the intricacies of using your HSA/FSA funds on your behalf, making the entire checkout process seamless and hassle-free.

If TrueMed determines that fitness can help prevent or reverse a health condition you care about (making it eligible for HSA/FSA), they will send you a Letter of Medical Necessity (LMN).

Once you are approved, just submit your future receipts and LMN to your HSA/FSA provider for reimbursement. You can also shift payments to your HSA card. Truemed guarantees reimbursement. 

TrueMed will send instructions to get reimbursed and their customer support team will be available to assist. Truemed guarantees reimbursement once qualified. 

To see if you qualify, follow the link here and answer the promoted questions to get started. Questions? Let us know!

HSA/FSA Funds for In Home Personal Training

Success Stories

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“If you’re looking for a trainer I highly recommend you use DeHenzel Training Systems whether you’re just getting into shape or training for a particular goal.” – Steve, Leesburg

“If you have been thinking about getting a trainer but have doubts, then my advice is just go for it with DeHenzel Training Systems.” – Anne, Reston

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