Jessica Lu
Jessica Lu
I utilized DeHenzel training when I was 2-4 months postpartum with my second child. I wanted to jump start my fitness after my second c section in a healthy and slow paced way, but needed someone who could come to my house because I obviously couldn’t leave my son alone. I also wanted to be held accountable and forced to work out at least once a week. Granetta was able to do just that, and she modified workouts depending on whether my baby was sleeping, awake, or fussing. The company was flexible as well and let my husband join when he could for a small extra fee. I am now close to my pre pregnancy weight and have been able to return to strenuous exercise thanks to my training!
Rick Pannell
Rick Pannell
Just finished my first year with trainer Susan at DeHenzel. Really pleased to have found them. Sophie and Jason DeHenzel did a great job finding just the right trainer for my situation--I am 70 years old, recently retired, and had been too sedentary for too long! Susan is really plugged into my capabilities, strengths and weaknesses. In short order, Susan has transformed me, improving my strength, muscle mass, and balance. They are very flexible and will work with you to reschedule sessions when everyday life gets in the way of routine. I am looking forward to this second year! Thank you!
Pat Sartorius
Pat Sartorius
I cannot speak highly enough of DeHenzel Training Systems. They made registering and getting set up with a trainer easy and quick. If I need to make changes or add sessions, Sophie is right on top of things. My trainer, Valley, has been amazing. She is positive, encouraging, and knowledgeable. She has motivated me more than any other trainer I've ever worked with! I have gained both physical and mental confidence because of her steady and fun approach!
Cathy Belgin
Cathy Belgin
Valley with DeHenzel Training has been a great asset to my family in improving our fitness. The convenience of being able to work out at home combined with the customized workouts help to push us and keep us motivated. I started training with Valley primary to keep my high school son active. Now that he is in college, I have continued working with Valley to reach my own fitness goals. She makes it fun, challenging, and gets results!
Emma Sharma
Emma Sharma
I have been training with Susan for 2.5 years and am thrilled with my progress. Susan is very sensitive to designing a varied training program that addresses my short and longer term goals. In our sessions she applies the right amount of encouragement and pressure so that, by the end, I feel I have worked out hard. Even more importantly, Susan is just such a lovely human being who has taken time to really get to know me and I enjoy the time we spend together. I highly recommend the DeHenzel team and Susan in particular.
Ben Adams
Ben Adams
I can't recommend DeHenzel enough. We've been working with Valley for several months now and she's amazing. Her encyclopedic knowledge and ability to tailor workouts to fit my and my wife's needs have been transformative for our health. Every session we do something new that builds upon our prior session. I especially enjoy everything she's taught me about boxing so I can actually use the bag we bought during Covid that collected dust for months-- until now!
Stefanie Reiser
Stefanie Reiser
Anyone looking for a personal training partner should absolutely reach out to DeHenzel. Their trainers are knowledgeable and skilled in helping you maximize results. Highly recommend them to help you get and stay motivated in your exercise regime!
Fatima Sarwar
Fatima Sarwar
DeHenzel Training Systems is absolutely wonderful. My husband and I completed twelve sessions with our trainer, Tamara, and we felt a big difference - we both felt stronger, our form improved, and overall we felt very energetic and strong. Tamara was very attentive, she tailored the workouts according to our goals, provided guidance at every step, and helped us maintain proper form to avoid injuries. I highly recommend Tamara and DeHenzel Training Systems, I hope to have additional training sessions with them in the future.
Michelle Hewer
Michelle Hewer
My husband a stroke survivor with some paralysis who needs to stay strong now that he's 60. Mark has been fantastic at helping him gain strength and stability. He says he feels better than he has in years. He truly looks forward to their twice weekly sessions to not only work out but be encouraged and uplifted by Mark. The best investments are the ones you make in yourself.

Silver Spring, MD

“I have been seeing Patrick for one on one personal fitness training.  Patrick has a big heart; he is always thinking constructively about how to help me make the most out of each session.  I am 72 with lung disease.  I never thought I could walk as much as I am now doing.  With Patrick’s encouragement, supporting me to shift my thinking about what I am capable of doing, I am walking much more, increasing my endurance, and realizing I can do way more than I had thought possible.  And I have only been at it a  month.  Sessions with Patrick have been a blessing in my life.  I am eager to continue.”   

Springfield, VA

“Michael is awesome! He is a very skilled trainer and I am already seeing results. And he graciously tolerates my constant complaining. I’m very happy with my workouts.”

Ashburn, VA

“After coming up with every excuse for not exercising, I decided to find an in-house personal trainer. I found DeHenzel Training Systems back in January, 2020 via a Google search. I took a chance and submitted my name to receive more information. As it turns out, I hit the jackpot on the first try. Sophie called me right away and explained the program options, costs, and process to get started.

They did a thorough health assessment which took about an hour to do. For some, that might seem like a lot of time, but I felt more encouraged by the end of the conversation as I felt they really were paying attention to my health goals and what was important to me, my concerns, and the like.

I started working with Valley in February, 2020 and have been a steady client ever since. She even adapted to the COVID-19 pandemic by offering training over Zoom rather than in person. I can see, FEEL the progress I’ve made and I love it. Valley is a wonderful trainer — we laugh through the workouts and she challenges me even through my gripes and protests. If you are looking for a personal training program, I highly recommend DeHenzel Training Systems.”

Annandale, VA

“I couldn’t be happier with Mike my trainer from Denzel Training Systems. Jason and Sophie listened to my needs and what I had hoped for in starting regular workouts. Mike really meets me what I am, gently challenges me to do more and I find the consistency in my workouts to really be paying off. With warmups, strength training and balance work, I just feel so much better. And my favorite thing is at the end of our workout- boxing! The 45 minute sessions are just right for me and Mike is great at what he does!”

Washington, DC

“I started training with Erika at the beginning of my twin pregnancy, and was able to continue working out until almost 30 weeks pregnant. Erika was motivating and knew when to push me, but also knew when to tell me to listen to my body. She is also extremely kind and encouraging. This prenatal training helped my body to stay strong during my pregnancy, and I definitely feel that it contributed to what was thankfully a healthy pregnancy and me being able to carry twins until almost full term.  I look forward to continuing post natal training with Erika.”

Tina Tate
Aldie, VA

“I have always wanted to get a personal trainer but never took the time to do it. After spinal fusion surgery in 2015, I lost a lot of mobility due to having 8 vertebra fused and was very timid about doing any kind of exercise that could possibly hurt me. I approached my doctor about getting a personal trainer and he thought it was a great idea. I asked him if I needed to get someone who specialized in spinal fusions and he said no just find someone that you feel comfortable with and who will work with you within your limitations to try and gain back mobility and strength.

When I started on my journey to find someone, I have to admit that I was very hesitant but after speaking with Sophie at DeHenzel Training about my goals as well as all of my concerns due to having a fused back, I felt like she understood and she assured me she had just the right person to work with me and I am happy to say that she was right!

I have trained over the last several months with Cortnee and have enjoyed every minute of it! I could tell that she put a lot of thought into the exercises that would be best for me and my situation and I felt that she took the time to make sure I was getting the most from my training. I never felt pushed to go beyond what I was capable of and I never felt that she took my situation lightly. Cortnee is a very kind, patient and knowledgeable person.

The time spent with Cortnee ended up exceeding my expectations. I feel so much more stronger and mobile than when I started. She also helped me get the confidence I needed to not be afraid of my new normal and to know that I really could do a lot more than I thought. She took the time to put together several exercise routines for me to do on my own. Because she took the time to get to know me as a person, she knew how beneficial this would be to me since I have a really hard time trying to decide what to do on my own and she knew this would help me succeed with my goals. I know that I will call on Cortnee for future sessions as I continue my journey on getting stronger and taking better care of myself. Thank you Cortnee!”

Martha Krevere
Vienna, VA

“Cortnee is a caring, skilled, experienced, motivating, professional and insightful trainer.  She is a complement to DeHenzel Training Systems.  I am very happy to have her in my corner to get healthier and stronger.  Sophie picked the right trainer for me.”

Kelly B.
Ashburn, VA

“As a working mom of 2 under 2 I had a steep fitness hill to climb with very little free time. After 4 short months with DeHenzel Training I have accomplished more than I could have dreamed possible. I am well on my way to a fitness level I can be proud of again and I’m even back to a pre-pregnancy size. I couldn’t have done it without my wonderful trainer, Jodi. She came prepared every week with great workouts that challenged my entire body and even helped me with workouts on my off days. Thanks to DeHenzel, I once again have confidence in how I look & feel, and all I’ve accomplished.”

Karen Wires
Fairfax, VA

“I’ve been working with Garrett twice a week for 4 months and am showing a lot of progress. He is very in tune with my particular challenges and modifies the program accordingly.  Garrett has a good sense of humor and knows how to motivate.  He has introduced me to boxing and that has opened a whole new experience.”

Jenny DeMino
Herndon, VA

“We had an excellent experience with DeHenzel Training Systems where they were able to jump start my families need to a better lifestyle and health. They thoroughly interviewed each of us and asked the two important questions, “what was important to us and what do we expect?” All three of us had a different answer and through our family training, Marlo was able to focus on each of our needs. They made it fun to workout as a family! Highly recommend DeHenzel Training and our trainer, Marlo!!!”

Jerry Hill
McLean, VA

“I recently decided to work with a personal trainer to get my routine back on track. I called a couple of places and ended up working with a terrific gentleman named Jason DeHenzel…My experience was outstanding. Prior to ever beginning a workout, Jason met with me one evening for 90 minutes to discuss my goals, my health concerns, details of workouts, and my preferences. We agreed on a start date and I initiated a dialogue with the personal trainer (Richard) assigned to me. Prior to my first session, I was provided a link with my trainer’s photo and background so I could identify him when he arrived and knew his background. All of DeHenzel’s staff are certified personal trainers and so far, my experience has been top notch–and exhausting! I’m back on the road to being in better shape!”

Hannah Wolk
Arlington, VA

“I have worked with other trainers before and I dreaded going to the sessions…with DeHenzeI Training Systems I look forward to each session with my trainer! They keep me motivated while at the same time providing me with constructive criticism, giving me the confidence that my goal is possible. Since starting with my trainer in February, I have lost 30 lbs and 4 dress sizes. They incorporate fun activities that have transitioned into my everyday life such as bike riding and running. If you are looking for a challenging and educational experience, I highly recommend DeHenzel Training Systems!”

personal trainer testimonials

Anne Gavin
Reston, VA

“Almost three years ago, I realized a couple of things. One, my age was catching up to me and aches and pains that I might have blown off or gotten over in my 20s, weren’t going away. Two, my fitness level was probably the worst it had ever been. I had yo-yo dieted in the past and gone through spurts of regular exercise, but time and age had taken a toll and I was pretty much at rock bottom and the scale was definitely going in the wrong direction. I had threatened in the past to get a trainer, but the commitment scared me and what if the trainer was too hard core for me or didn’t recognize my limits, or it didn’t work, or worse yet, I quit shortly after starting? Despite these voices in my head, I knew it was now or never and was convinced that if I wanted to grow old gracefully and still be walking(!), I needed to take the plunge.

I’ve never regretted the day that Sophie and DeHenzel Training Systems walked into my life. It’s one of the best things I have ever done for myself! Sophie is understanding, non-judgmental, spends time discussing my goals and takes a practical approach and a very personalized approach to my fitness. She is very professional, shows up on time – every time – is flexible with scheduling and it’s clear to me that she and Jason take their business and their clients very seriously. They strive to make everything they do be about their clients and imparting helpful fitness and nutrition tips, not to mention, their superior knowledge of fitness training. We have fun, too, which makes a huge difference to me because if you are not having fun then the incentive just isn’t there.

I look forward to our twice weekly sessions and am motivated on the days I am not training with Sophie to exercise on my own. I NEVER thought I would do that. I work out 6 days a week usually and it’s just become part of my life. I give all the credit for this to Sophie and DeHenzel Training. It’s not about killing yourself with squats or weights., it’s just about getting on a good path towards health and fitness and feeling GOOD when you wake up in the morning. Some three years later from making my decision to become healthier, I am 40 pounds lighter, a lot stronger, and much more committed to making health and fitness part of my life forever. If you have been *thinking* about getting a trainer but have doubts, then my advice is – just Go For It with DeHenzel Training Systems! Do it for yourself and I can almost guarantee you won’t regret it.”

Doyle Fecher
Vienna, VA

“Jason DeHenzel is a truly excellent trainer. He is the perfect combination of tough and motivating, and he works with the whole person — mentally, emotionally and physically. Because of his efforts, I am stronger and have more endurance, I have better balance and most importantly, working out has become fun. I recommend him and his company without reservation.”

personal trainer testimonial

Celeste Linthicum
Leesburg, VA

“Working out with DeHenzel Training Systems was a great decision. I feel challenged and motivated during my workouts. Jason and the rest of the trainers all are very professional, yet personable as well. It’s awesome to have a trainer show up at your house on a regular schedule for workouts. I have to say, my workout days are my favorite days. We spend time making sure I am doing each exercise correctly so I don’t get hurt and I get the most out of our workouts. I feel much more empowered, confident and I have so much more energy. Jason wants to help me reach my goals and is incredibly supportive. I’m so glad I decided to call DeHenzel Training Systems.”

Rose Cohen
Ashburn, VA

“I’ve been training with Jason, owner of DeHenzel Training Systems, for just over one year, and have seen and experienced amazing results in this time. I’ve worked with other personal trainers in the past and as a female I was hesitant to try in-home personal training but after working with Jason for a few weeks, I felt completely comfortable and knew I was in good hands. He has helped me tone my body, strengthen my muscles, lose weight, and has helped me a lot with my nutrition. Jason is extremely professional, always on time for our sessions, and is flexible to accommodate my work/life schedule. He has a vast knowledge and passion for training and fitness, and has been able to work around any aches or pains I have and always seems to get the intensity just right. I can’t recommend Jason’s services enough; he is the best personal trainer I have ever worked with and delivers results!”

personal training testimonials

Jenn Vickrey
Lessburg, VA

“I first found DeHenzel Training while searching for a trainer for my husband as a Christmas gift. He got it in his head he was going to summit Mt Rainier in a less than 9 month timeline and train himself. That sounded insane to me and I went about the interview process for qualified trainers that I trusted to best insure my husband’s success. After many interviews with a myriad of trainers/companies I found Jason and never looked back.

He did such an amazing job training my husband that after he returned from the summit I decided to hire Jason for myself. I was the cardio queen before Jason, he has shown me that by adding weight training I was able to add definition and no bulk and become much stronger and healthier. I have worked with trainers in the past but never kept the relationship very long as the training became stagnant. I am continually impressed by Jason’s ability to keep our work outs fresh. I have been working with him for 10 months now and still going….His style is a blend of creativity, inspiration and a knack for always getting one more rep or set out of you with strong positive motivation. Even when I doubt myself, he never does and pushes me to prove it to myself. Tough love with a gentle touch!

Recently my husband and I decided to summit Mt Whitney (14,505 feet) in a one day hike (the most extreme day hike in the lower 48 states). We invited Jason and Sophie to join us. Jason trained my husband and I so well that after 21 straight hours of intense hiking our bodies and minds were exhausted but our muscles were well trained and not even sore. That in itself is a true testament to Jason’s ability to train (we are mid and late 40’s respectively). He is always on time, always prepared and unfortunately even snow storms don’t keep him away  🙂   Hiring Jason was the best thing I have ever done for myself and for my husband. He has made me stronger and healthier than I could have ever accomplished on my own.”  

personal trainer northern virginia testimonial copy

Steve Vickrey
Lessburg, VA

“Jason is Quality! If you’re looking for a trainer I highly recommend you use Jason whether you’re just getting into shape or training for a particular goal. I can speak to both. First my background: I am an upper 40′s businessman that has lived a relatively sedentary lifestyle for years while raising a family and never had much time to focus on my health until 2 years ago. After a year of my wife and I adjusting our eating habits and working out on our own, I found myself needing a goal to motivate my physical training. I stated my goal to my wife, who may not have taken me seriously at first until I actually booked a Mount Rainier summit climb (3 miles high) 9 months out. At this point she knew I was serious so she enlisted the help of Jason after doing a lot of research.

Here is what sets Jason apart and why you want him: He is always prepared, he is intentional in what he has you do and doesn’t just make you do the same routine over and over, he has prepared a plan when he arrives and has an amazing number of options and adjustments in case something doesn’t work for you. Another reason you want him is he doesn’t just do his job and go, he took on my Mountain climb goal as his own project and designed specialized routines. His sole purpose during the months leading up to my climb was to do what was needed to make me successful and you really do feel like he is on your team to get there.

In June, I did achieve my goal and Jason’s training was unquestionably a large part of making that happen. Afterwards, my wife seeing the amazing work he did with me signed on and now we use Jason for core fitness regularly. One of the top reasons Jason’s approach works well is he has a great ability to sense where your energy and physical levels are and keeps the program just at your limit so you always expend everything you have. When you’re in one of those down days he adjusts and moves the program to your edge and doesn’t give you an easy out and doesn’t make it impossible to do. All in all Jason is the guy you want to achieve your fitness goals.”  

David C.
Vienna, VA

“Prior to working with DeHenzel Training Systems, I was in denial about most aspects of my physical shape, conditioning, and lifestyle. As a husband and father of three children under 10 years old, I didn’t think I was much worse off than most men my age. While my doctor casually chided me to “lose some weight” during my annual physicals, he never expressed any concerns about my blood pressure or cholesterol. I was able to play recreational sports and chase my kids around the yard or at the beach without getting terribly winded, so, despite my appearance and the numbers the scale spit out on the rare times I set foot on it, I figured my health qualified as ‘fair’ at worst. Then I had some family in town and they made observations about my condition and shared genuine concern. That got my attention, and I needed to face reality and acknowledge that my lifestyle wasn’t sustainable. I couldn’t eat anything and everything like I did in my teens and twenties. The midnight snacks I was consuming weren’t such a secret, as they ended up right on my stomach.

From past experience, I knew that, despite the seriousness of the situation, I wasn’t going to dedicate myself to going to the gym. I also knew that my work schedule was often out of my control and that I could never consistently carve out a block of time to get to a gym, even though one exists only a block or so from my office. Finally, I wasn’t likely to work out in the evening, given that I wanted to get home from work and have dinner and catch up with my family. But at this point exercise wasn’t optional, and I knew that if I could get someone to come to me, I wouldn’t stand him/her up for a workout. So I looked up “in home personal training” on the internet. If someone could work with the limited time I had available to devote to exercising each day, this would be the option for me. My search yielded a few results in my area, including DeHenzel Training Systems. I reached out to each company. Many sounded like they were personal trainers working at local gyms trying to make a few bucks on the side. One or two said they said they couldn’t accommodate my schedule. DeHenzel Training Systems was different from the very beginning. The email reply I received from Jason was timely and professional. He posed a few basic questions and we launched into a good series of email exchanges about my goals and objectives and my availability. I could tell that we were on the same page about my personal challenges and interests right away. He made me feel “normal” about my situation. We talked about my options in terms of pricing and commitment, and he advocated starting out small, with four sessions so I could get a feel for how the program would work. Jason scheduled an in-person health consultation and arrived punctually and professionally. Jason spent over an hour patiently reviewing my health and exercise history. I showed him photos of me in my early thirties and I said “I want to look like that guy again”. I could tell right away that he “got it” and he was exceptionally supportive and encouraging. However, he never offered any kind of “quick fix” or remotely suggested that the process wouldn’t take time and hard work on my part. I could also tell that he wasn’t selling a one-size fits all, “canned” approach. He was a great listener and, as he laid out a rough plan for me, he incorporated the goals and objectives and interests I had shared. I expressed my preference for a female trainer and he recommended his wife, Sophie. Based on everything I heard, I committed to a four-pack of sessions after the health consultation and we were ready to get started.

I was nervous the first morning Sophie arrived. I wasn’t sure how we’d interact, or if she’d be a “boot camp”-style instructor, pushing me beyond my strength and conditioning limits, or pushing me through the same routine given to every other client. But I was pleasantly surprised. She arrived punctually and with everything we were going to need for the session. I performed numerous exercises designed to evaluate my abilities and range of motion. I was able to complete at least a few repetitions of every exercise, but it was abundantly clear that my conditioning was nowhere close to “fair”. But we started out small and built upon that foundation every session since we met roughly four months ago. Sophie arrives on time for EVERY one of my sessions. She provides sincere motivation, not canned, meaningless, repetitive statements like “good work” or “good job”. She explains every exercise as many times as necessary. She never loses count of repetitions. She watches my form and makes necessary corrections and adjustments, and she knows how to adjust the intensity to just the right level. But most of all she conveys understanding about the challenges faced by her clients. I never feel like she uses a “cookie-cutter” approach during our sessions. I know that my workout has been customized and thought-out ahead of each session. She doesn’t make up the workout as we go along. Each session builds on the last, but if I ever recommend that we mix things up or substitute an exercise, she’s open to the idea. She understands the lives of her clients and customizes the sessions to fit their daily activities. If I tell Sophie that I am playing recreational hockey that night, she adjusts the workout to leave me enough energy to perform as well as possible on the ice. She’s assertive, but not pushy. She explains why I am performing the exercises I’m doing and why I’m doing them in a specific order. She makes the workouts FUN. We talk about a wide array of topics while I work out. She understands that the sessions are tough, but she never forgets to acknowledge the effort I put into the workouts. She can tell if I can “give a little more” or if I don’t have anything left. But we find a way to finish almost every exercise we start, even if it means modifying my form or breaking up the repetitions into smaller chunks. I’ve never finished a session where I felt like I “failed” in any way. Am I generally “spent”? Absolutely. But amazingly my energy level throughout my workday has never been higher, even though my workouts are first thing in the morning. Since starting with that four-pack of sessions, I’ve signed up for 48 additional sessions that I’ve consistently scheduled three times a week, every week for the last four months.

I’ve never had the impression that DeHenzel Training Systems is all about revenues. I feel like I’ve made good friends in Jason and Sophie. As frequently as I correspond with both of them via email, they respond with amazing speed and in a very thorough, thoughtful way. Sophie is more than just a trainer. She’s been part nutritionist, part therapist, and a good friend. She understands “real life” and that exercise doesn’t always fit into every day for everyone. She’s encouraged me to add a few days of light (or even challenging) cardio as well as stretching. She’s been realistic about the role food plays in weight loss and she doesn’t sugar-coat the fact that, if I want to lose weight, it starts with my diet. So, even though I was extremely reluctant, I am currently tracking my food intake on a daily basis. I’ve seen great results over the first four months. When I hit plateaus, though, Sophie’s quick to remind me that good weight loss is “a marathon, not a sprint”, and that 1 to 2 pounds a week is a great pace and not to get too hung up on what the scale tells me on a daily basis as long as the trend is heading in the right direction.

Jason and Sophie have really improved my lifestyle. While I have a ways to go to reach my weight loss goal, I’ve seen solid results this far in terms of shedding pounds and improving my strength and conditioning. I make better food choices and more commitment to exercise. Sophie in particular continues to impress me with her punctuality, professionalism, compassion, creativity, communication, and ability to motivate. I have never regretted my decision to work with DeHenzel Training Systems and I look forward to continuing my improved lifestyle with their support.”

personal trainer northern va review

Pinchus D. Raice
New York, NY

“I came to Jason with a foolhardy dream: become a mountaineer in my fifties. By skillfully deploying his unique blend of inspiration, exhortation and exceptional professionalism, Jason turned my aspiration into a reality. In February 2011, I reached the summit of Mt. Aconcagua, at 23,000 ft., the highest mountain in the Southern and Western hemispheres. The hurdle was not simply my relatively poor physical conditioning. It was equally critical that I gain the confidence and mental toughness necessary to undertake a challenge more daunting than I had ever dared to consider. My goals became Jason’s goals, and his dedication manifested itself in tireless instruction designed to train more than mere muscle. Jason’s unshakable conviction that I would ascend mountains throughout the world steeled my psyche, and was the primary reason for my success in the gym and, ultimately, above the cloud-line. I have the deepest gratitude and admiration for Jason DeHenzel.”  

Stephen Pandolfi
New York, NY

“I’ve been working with Jason for 2 years and have seen amazing results in that time. I have never felt stronger or healthier, he makes each workout challenging, he also places a high value on correct form with each exercise. He has motivated me to push past my limits to get results and reach my goals. Jason is passionate about fitness.”

Lesley Dryden
New York, NY

“When I first met Sophie I had just given birth to my second child and had a lot of work to do to get back into shape! Sophie brought a tremendous amount of enthusiasm, energy and experience to our workouts. She consistently challenged me with fun and new exercises. Within a few weeks I started to feel like my old self again and within the next couple of months I was back to my ideal weight and strength. Sophie gave me a variety of circuit training and creative indoor cardio exercises in addition to running along side me outside to help push me the extra distance. I was amazed at the time and care she put into each one of our sessions together. I am going to miss Sophie now that she is moved away from NYC! I wholeheartedly recommend her for all she has done for me and for her energy, professionalism, knowledge and enthusiasm!”

New York, NY
“I was fortunate to have Jason Dehenzel as my personal trainer for the past two years in New York City. He came highly recommended and it was easy to see why. Throughout our entire training process, he remained disciplined and dedicated to my fitness objectives. While many trainers tend to lose focus after a relationship develops, Jason never wasted any time and instead remained completely attentive to helping me achieve my changing and challenging goals. He is well-versed in bio-mechanics and was extremely effective in working around and strengthening injured areas. With his help, I was able to reach my target weight and advance my cardio fitness and strength training abilities. I was sorry to see Jason go and would highly recommend him for those who are serious about improving their health and fitness levels.”

Johanna Decal
New York, NY

“Working out with Sophie has really impacted me in a positive way. As an athlete who has run 5 marathons and over a dozen half marathons I have really responded to the circuit training workouts that she has taken me through. She quickly learned when and how to push me while also inspiring and transforming my mind and body. The strength I have built over the last year with her has really improved my running and endurance. The exercises form and tips that Sophie taught me have stayed with me and made me an overall stronger person. Anyone, athlete or non athlete would benefit from training with Sophie.”

Michelle Haag
New York, NY

“I highly recommend Sophie’s personal training. She has a very subtle way of pushing you past your preconceived limits, which leads to unexpected results. As a hang glider pilot, strength training helps me to carry & handle my glider on the ground, while endurance allows me to work harder in the air for longer flights. I never thought I’d have “guns” but, almost before I knew it, I was seeing definition in my arms I’d never seen before.”

Fred Lujan
New York, NY

“I started training with Jason about a year ago. Although I was motivated, I wasn’t sure if I could really be diligent enough to continue the training for a long period of time. Jason not only kept me motivated but he made the training fun. I looked forward to the training sessions knowing that we would work hard and it would be a laid back time. He was also extremely attentive always asking how I felt about the training and if there were changes I needed or wanted. I expressed my desire to change my goals during the program and Jason responded immediately by creating a new training regime for me. Thanks to my training with Jason, I feel great, I’ve made exercising a part of my life and I’ve gotten compliments about how much better I look.”

Sheila Davidson
New York, NY

“Sophie is an effective, professional and caring trainer. I have severe osteoarthritis in my right knee. I worked out twice a week with Sophie for four months. During this time, I lost 15 pounds and markedly strengthened my core, leg and arm muscles. This has resulted in decreased pain, increased stamina and energy and a motivation to keep improving and progressing toward my weight loss goal. Sophie modifies my fitness program to adjust for my limitations and to increase intensity as I have gained strength. Sophie’s kind, yet firm, guidance has been inspirational to me and, remarkably, I always looked forward to our early morning sessions.”

Peter Saraf
New York, NY
“Personally, I never would have thought that exercise could be fun or something to even look forward to. It’s always been something I have dreaded, but knew was good for me. Sophie brings enthusiasm, variety and a wealth of knowledge to her sessions all of which makes working out more pleasure than chore. She’ll challenge you and make you sweat, but in the nicest way. And best of all, she gets results. Sophie is a great trainer who I can’t recommend highly enough.”

Sabra W.
New York, NY

“After completing three marathons, I was burnt out on running and needed inspiration to continue working out. I received three training sessions as a birthday gift and was immediately hooked. Jason’s evolving workouts were a great start to the day and his motivation kept me moving (and sweating) at 6:15AM. I will definitely miss having Jason in NYC. He is a results-driven trainer, patient teacher and true professional.”


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