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It’s awesome to have a trainer show up at your house on a regular schedule for workouts. I have to say, my workout days are my favorite days…I’m so glad I decided to call DeHenzel Training Systems. – Celeste Linthicum, Leesburg

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Step 1
– Phone Consultation

The first step to getting started is to contact us by either filling out our contact form, calling or emailing. After initial contact, we will schedule a time for a brief phone consultation. During the phone consultation, we will ask you about your personal training goals, training availability, preferences and answer any questions you may have. Assuming you’re ready to move forward, we will also book our in-depth consultation during this call.

personal trainer northern virginia

Step 2
– In-Depth Consultation

Our in-depth consultation takes about 45 mins as we cover in great depth your training goals, exercise and health history, and any physical limitations you may have with exercise. We like to be as thorough as possible so that we are able to match you with the best fit on our team and provide you with the best training experience. At the end of our consultation, we will confirm your initial training session.

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Step 3
– Initial Training Session

The initial training session is the last step in our 3-step process to getting you started with a personal trainer. During your initial session you will get to know your trainer. They will also have the opportunity to assess your overall fitness level and create a specific training plan moving forward. Your trainer will make sure that they push you appropriately during your initial session and beyond.

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“If you’re looking for a trainer I highly recommend you use DeHenzel Training Systems whether you’re just getting into shape or training for a particular goal.” – Steve, Leesburg

“If you have been thinking about getting a trainer but have doubts, then my advice is just go for it with DeHenzel Training Systems.” – Anne, Reston

in home personal training for northern virginia

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