At DeHenzel Training Systems, we place a very high emphasis on the education of our trainers and their professional development, not only during the new hire phase, but for the duration of employment.

In order to ensure that every one of our trainers is 100% qualified and prepared to work with all clientele, regardless of their physical needs, limitations or goals, we created our completely unique mentoring program.

Our Mentoring Program

Our mentoring program was built with our trainers in mind.  It is an interactive online program that spans throughout the length of 24 weeks and begins immediately upon hiring.

Our trainers are able to access the program during their free time, on the go, regardless of their location and the time day.  This model ensures that scheduling and location doesn’t get in the way of continuing education.

Throughout the 24 weeks, each trainer is taken through a series of content that focuses on furthering their training and professional skills.  Areas that are covered include:

  • safe and effective programming 
  • proper communication and session structure
  • working with special populations (youth/teen, pregnancy, seniors, degenerative diseases)
  • human body anatomy and movements – muscles and actions
  • exploring industry leaders through articles and videos
  • case studies and weekly homework
  • and MORE!
DTS online mentoring program

Continuing Education


Aside from our unique mentoring program, DeHenzel Training Systems is also dedicated to the continuing education through two main channels.

The first channel is our Pre/Post Natal Certification program. As an effort to specifically help women with their health and fitness throughout their pregnancy journey, all of our new hires are required to complete a Pre/Post Natal certification. Upon completion, we pay 100% for this certification.

The second channel is our continuing education reimbursement program. Trainers are encouraged and expected to continue their education throughout the duration of employment. Since doing so can be costly, we are committed to helping with the costs associated with additional fitness certifications and seminars. After six months of employment, we offer 50% reimbursement for approved continuing education each year.

Join our Team

If you’re looking for a flexible work schedule and enjoying working with awesome clients, come join our team today!

New or seasoned trainers are welcome to apply, must be a Certified Personal Trainer and CPR/AED certified.