5 Ways Weight Training Trumps Cardio

5 ways weight training trumps cardio

When it comes to weight loss, the significance of weight training is often overlooked, and cardio is placed on a pedestal. While cardio is important, lifting weights is just as significant when it comes to burning calories and shedding body fat. Check out the following five benefits of weight training:

1) Weight Loss – Lifting weights is just as if not more important than cardio when it comes to losing body fat. Weight training builds muscle—most cardio exercises do not— which in turn burns fat. In fact, the more muscle the body has, the higher the metabolism and the more fat burned.

2) Muscle Strength – More muscle means a stronger body. Having a strong body makes everyday tasks much easier, such as carrying groceries, lifting boxes, picking up kids, shoveling snow, etc. Being strong can make life easier, which can have a big impact as the body ages.

3) Bone Density – Weight training can directly increase bone density, which can decrease the chances for broken bones, stress fractures and osteoporosis. Bone mass naturally lessens as the body ages, so it is extremely important to keep the bones strong through weight training.

4) Mental Tenacity – A benefit of weight training that is not often thought of is mental tenacity. It can be really rewarding to finally lift a weight or do a certain number of reps that was deemed impossible at one point. Breaking through barriers and reaching new goals can really increase mental toughness as well as increase confidence.

5) Aesthetic Purposes – While looking good should never be the sole purpose of exercising, lifting weights can certainly help sculpt the body. Compared to cardio, weight training can help build and preserve muscle mass, which is something that most cardio exercise doesn’t accomplish. To achieve a sculpted look, the body needs muscle mass. In other words, for toned arms or a rounded behind, lift weights.

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Written by Sophie DeHenzel
5 Ways Weight Training Trumps Cardio

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