How to Write an
Awesome Workout Program

how to write an awesome workout program

There are numerous correct ways to write an effective workout program that can vary based on goals, training preferences, physical abilities and limitations. With that being said, there are also many wrong ways to write a program. A poorly written program can not only hinder progress, but it can also lead to muscle overuse and potential injury. To avoid the latter, follow the below guidelines to learn how to write an awesome full-body workout!

To keep things simple, the below guidelines focus on a full-body workout, are perfect for the general population and can be performed two to three times per week.

Step 1: Select a handful of full-body warmup exercises and movements. This may include foam rolling, stretches with bands and a few traveling exercises such as inchworms to pushups.

Step 2: Select two or three core exercises (plank variations, Pallof presses, birddog, etc.). Although core work does not have to be completed in the beginning of the workout, this is the time when the core is the freshest, as opposed to at the end of a workout.

Step 3: Select two lower body exercises, two upper body exercises and one heart rate exercise. Arrange them in the following order: lower/upper/lower/upper/heart rate.

Step 4: Perform workout and repeat three times through. If the goal is to perform a full-body routine three times a week, select different variations of standard exercises or completely different exercises to ensure variety in each workout. Space out workouts every other day with a day of cardio or rest in between, depending on the goal.

Step 5: Select a weight and rep range for each exercise that is challenging towards the last few reps. Perform this workout for two weeks, then progress each exercise by either an increase in reps (one to two is fine), time or weight (just a few pounds).

Here is what a sample full-body workout program may look like:

Full-body foam roll x 5 mins
Band pull-aparts x 10 reps
Inches to pushups x 5 reps
Lunging groin stretch x 2 reps on each side
Jump rope x 1 min

Circuit 1 (3x through):
Resistance band Pallof presses x 10 reps
Cable rotations x 10 reps each side
Forearm plank x 1 min
Rest for :30-1 min and repeat

Circuit 2 (3x through):
Squat x 12 reps
Lat pull down x 12 reps
Deadlift x 12 reps
Pushups x 12 reps
Jump rope x 2 mins
Rest for :30 – 1 min and repeat

Cool down and stretch!

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Written by Sophie DeHenzel
How to Write an Awesome Workout Program

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