Plank Progression: Side Plank

Welcome to Day 5 and our final day of our Plank Series!  This week we’ve covered how to perform a correct plank as well as some tough progressions to strengthen your planks and challenge your body.  In case you missed our posts this week, you can catch up below:

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Continuing with progressions,  the next variation in our series is the Side Plank.  The Side Plank heavily targets your obliques which in turn will work to strengthen your lower back muscles, making this variation a great exercise.

Fully Extended Side Plank

plank progression side plank
Are you new to Side Planks?  Begin in a fully extended position

As with all plank progressions, we recommended beginning in a fully extedned position before you move on to the forearm setup.  Once you are strong enough in this position, you can move on to the forearm position, pictured below.

To setup for your side plank, follow the below tips:

  • lay on your side with your opposite leg crossed over the other.  For example, if you are planking on your right side, then your left foot will cross over
  • Position your shoulder over your wrist and press your palm into the ground
  • Raise your hips until you make a nice straight line
  • Hold!

Hold this position until your muscles become too fatigued to keep the proper form, rest as needed, and then switch sides.  Like all fully extended positions, if this bothers your shoulder or wrist, move on the forearm position.

Forearm Side Plank

plank progressions side plank
A Forearm Side Plank is the next progression

As with all of our plank progressions, the forearm position will be more difficult than the fully extended position.  Follow the same setup as above expect place your forearm on the ground and line your shoulder over your elbow.

Written by Sophie DeHenzel
Plank Progression: Side Plank

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