Fitness Myth #1
Cardio is King

One of the most common fitness myths out there is “cardio is king.”  Many people are led to believe that the only way to lose weight is to do cardio and to do a ton of it.  Before you jump to conclusion, cardio absolutely has its place in working out.  Cardio is great conditioning for your heart and important to perform on a regular basis, regardless of your training goals.  Cardio can also help you lose weight and reach your goals more quickly and efficiently.  However, what is overlooked here is the significance of weight training.

fitness myth cardio is king
Too much cardio?

Many times people will choose cardio over weights and resistance training often becomes sparse or completely neglected.  As mentioned previously, cardio does have its place in workouts and does aid with weight and fat loss.  However, many people don’t fully understand the significant benefits of resistance training and why it’s so important and should be done on a consistent basis.

When it comes to resistance training, the more weight you lift, the stronger you will become.  As you become stronger you will naturally build more muscle.  The more muscle you have, the more calories you can burn while at rest.  And we all know that the larger the calorie burn, the larger the weight and fat loss.  If your goal is to lose unwanted weight and fat, weight training is absolutely essential in the battle against the bulge.

Aside from a leaner, stronger, and aesthetically pleasing body, the benefits of resistance training are endless.  Lifting weights is not only be beneficial for weight and fat loss, but it can help to increase muscle mass, bone strength, and stability.  Resistance training can also help to increase your confidence and improve your body image.  It’s amazing what feeling strong can do for your mental health!

For those who always skip the weights and go straight for the cardio equipment, try incorporating some weight training into your exercise sessions.  Dependent on your goals, you can even swap out a few cardio days with resistance training.  Challenge yourself appropriately when lifting weights and don’t be hesitant to choose a weight that feels a bit heavy.  As with all exercise, don’t forget to apply a progressive overload each week to your weight training to ensure continued results!

Stay tuned for next week where we’ll be debunking:  Fat Can Be Spot Reduced!

Written by Sophie DeHenzel
Fitness Myth #1 – Cardio is King

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