Motivation vs. Commitment

Being a fitness professional I often hear people I meet and clients talking about how they “need to feel motivated in order to workout.”  On the flip side, I hear fitness professionals and exercise enthusiasts say, “I’m going to crush it today”, “nothing is going to stop me from greatness” or “I’m going into beast mode.”  The reality is, both schools of thought present an issue.

motivation vs. commitment
What happens if it’s OFF??

In today’s society, it’s normal to be bombarded with the “rah, rah, look at me” marketing and behavior on social media.  For most people, not only can this be demotivating, but it can make a normal person feel like, “how the hell am I going to get into shape?  Do I have to be as motivated as the “rah, rah, beast mode” guy on TV to get in shape?”  It turn, it can become easy for the average person to give up on their fitness before they even begin, because most people don’t see themselves as the “beast mode” guy or girl.  And I’m here to tell you, that’s OK!

When it comes to having a “crush it” mentality, sure there is a time and place where you need to be focused and push yourself outside your comfort zone.  However, making progress in your workouts doesn’t take motivation, it takes commitment.  Commitment to show up for your workouts and follow a tailored plan that focuses on progressive overload.  Last time I checked, this doesn’t take a “beast mode” or an “all or nothing” mentality to accomplish.  It just takes commitment – to show up and to work to your given ability for that day.

motivation versus commitement
You don’t have to train INSANE to get results.

As a fitness professional (and human being), I  have days were I don’t want to train.  However, what I have found over the years is that it’s not motivation that ultimately gets me to workout, it’s commitment.   Commitment to go to the gym (regardless how I’m feeling) and build upon each workout.  Sure, some days it’s much harder to be mentally present at the gym and get through the workout, but it’s the commitment that makes the difference, not the motivation.

“Motivation is a very temporary feeling,
commitment is a longterm lifestyle choice.”

Truthfully speaking, not much is accomplished solely based on motivation.  If that were the case, long term goals would hardly ever be reached because the instant a motivated person becomes demotivated, it can be easy to push back or quit.  Success when it comes to fitness is showing up at the gym or to your home personal training session regardless of how you’re feeling and doing the best you can on that given day.  If you’re sick or tired, there is always the option to do a lighter workout (stretching, light walking, body weight movements) at the very least to remain consistent.

Since New Year is around the corner, I thought I would wrap up with this thought – think about commitment this coming year rather than motivation.  The motivated ones are in the gym in January and out by the end of February.  The committed ones continue to train week after week, month after month, year after year.  And guess what? You don’t have to be “all or nothing guy” or a “rah, rah, girl” to make this happen, you just have to be committed to succeed.

Written by Jason DeHenzel
Motivation vs. Commitment

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