3 Ways to Avoid
Fitness Resolution Pitfalls

3 ways to avoid fitness resolution fitpalls

For many, the beginning of a new year brings resolutions to lose weight, get in shape, join a gym, and so on and so forth. While these new goals always start off strong, they tend to fizzle as January comes to a close. To avoid the resolution pitfall, here are three foolproof ways to achieve health and fitness goals throughout the entire year:

1) Measurable Goals – One of the most common mistakes when creating fitness goals is not making it measurable. The idea is to take one large goal and break it up into a few smaller goals that can act as measurable checkpoints to ensure that the large goal is on target.

For example, if the goal is to lose 50lbs by the end of year, there should be little goals setup along the way, such as losing 5lbs, 10lbs, 15lbs, etc. These smaller goals should also have a realistic time frame in which they should be achieved.

Continuing with the example of a 50lb weight loss goal, a realistic time frame for each smaller weight goal may look something like this:

4 weeks: 4 lbs lost
8 weeks: 8 lbs lost
12 weeks: 12lbs lost
24 weeks (around the halfway mark): 24lbs lost

By following measurable goals, it is much easier to be held accountable. Additionally, tracking small goals a great indicator of whether or not the program is working and if adjustments need to be made.

2) Realistic Goals – Another common mistake when it comes to creating fitness goals is not setting realistic goals. It is great (and encouraged) to dream big, however selecting unrealistic goals is a surefire way to ensure failure and not success.

An example of an unrealistic goal would be for a novice runner to run a marathon in two months. Not only is this an unrealistic timeframe to run 26.6 miles in two months, but it is an unlikely goal for someone who is a beginner runner.

A more realistic approach would be to start with a smaller race such as a 5K or 10k and build up to a marathon by the end of the year. By doing so, the large goal is attainable within a realistic time frame and is preceded with smaller, measurable goals.

3) Fully Commit – The most important way to avoid a fitness pitfall in the new year is to fully commit to any and all fitness goals. It may sound simple, but it often overlooked as a crucial component.

In order to achieve a goal, there must be a strong level of desire to be successful, as well as complete dedication. Without a high level of commitment, it is very difficult to change a behavior and become successful.

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Written by Sophie DeHenzel
3 Ways to Avoid Fitness Resolution Pitfalls

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