5 Successful Habits of
Fitness Professionals: Garrett Trump

5 successful habits of fitness professionals garrett trump
Meet Garrett

Welcome to week 4 in our 5-week series, where we are uncovering successful habits that our very own team of fitness professionals live by.

In the past three weeks, Sophie, Jason and Richard have each shared their own fitness, nutrition and lifestyle habits responsible for their personal success.

This week we have DTS fitness professional Garrett,  share his top 5 strategies and habits for success when it comes to health and fitness.

#1: Improvement
Improvement is my number one habit for success, whether it’s improving as a person, at the gym, or as a personal trainer. At the start of the day I take a couple of minutes to remind myself that every day is a chance to improve, to become better. I always strive to be nicer, help people more, and lose bad habits. At the gym I strive for a progressive overload, which basically means improving the amount I lift over a period of time. As a personal trainer I am always reading and watching the best in the industry, soaking up as much information as possible to improve as a personal trainer.

5 successful habits of fitness professionals garrett t
Garrett working on his back squat

#2: Passion
Doing things that I am passionate about is my number two habit for success. I believe that success is bred from passion. Passion is what carries me when I am tired, stressed, unmotivated. I make a conscious decision to do more things that I am passionate about, like training, powerlifting, and learning. The more I do these things the more success I have in all of my ventures.

#3: Balance
I am very busy, between training, a full load of classes, working as a research assistant, I have very little free time. Things can become very unbalanced and uneven at times. I find that creating a balance between the things that are most important to me. I do this by making sure I give myself at least an hour at the gym for my own training goals. This is the perfect get away from the busy day and gets me in a great mindset. Additionally, spending time with friends and family helps me keep a level of balance in my life.

5 successful habits of fitness professionals garrett
Garretts family provides a sense of balance

#4: Preparation
As a personal trainer, preparation is very important. I must have a game plan on how a training session will go, as well as have backup options if some type of injury or issue occurs. I think of preparation as practice, and sessions as games. The better, more effective I practice, and the better I will perform during the game. I apply this same rule to my studies, work, and nutrition.

#5: Questioning
My number five habit for success is to always question. As an inspiring researcher I am always questioning things. I question whether there is a better exercise to get an improved result. I question whether the status quo in nutrition and training is valid. I question myself, am I doing enough, am I continuing to do all the aforementioned habits. I have found the more I question, the more I improve.

**Stay tuned for next week (our final week in this series) when Marlo, Fitness Professional at DeHenzel Training Systems, shares his top habits for success!**

Written by Garrett Trump
5 Successful Habits of Fitness Professionals: Garrett Trump

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