5 Successful Habits of
Fitness Professionals: Sophie DeHenzel

5 successful habits of fitness professionals sophie dehenzel
Meet Sophie.

Have you ever wondered what type of habits fitness professionals live by?  What do they eat?  What type workouts do they do?  Do they practice what they preach?  Believe or not, these are common questions we get asked all the time.

To shed some light on what habits we subscribe to for success in our lives, this week we are addressing some of those common questions.  This week, we have Sophie, Co-owner of DeHenzel Training Systems and Nutrition Coach, with her top 5 strategies and habits for success when it comes to health and fitness.

#1: Reasonable bedtime

Getting enough sleep during the week is probably the most important thing for me and one that sets me up to succeed each day.  I find that getting between 7-8 hours each night is perfect.  Anything less on a consistent basis and I’m dragging.  My workouts stink, my nutrition is sub par and I’m GRUMPY.  Yes, it’s oftentimes tempting to stay up an extra hour to watch Teen Mom (yes, I love that show and thank god for On Demand), but I always pay for it the next day.  Going to bed at a reasonable hour ensures that I’ll be at my very best the next day.

successful habits of fitness professionals sophie dehenzel
Sometimes milkshakes from MELT happen…

#2: Limit sweet splurges
My clients never believe me when I tell them I love sweets, especially chocolate…anything chocolate.  In a perfect world where sugar was healthy, I would eat dessert every day.  Considering this world isn’t perfect, I hold my splurges to 1-2 a week.  Now this doesn’t mean that I don’t enjoy a little piece of dark chocolate a few times a week, but this does mean that anything more than that is reserved for the weekend or a special occasion. One tactic I employ in our home to ensure I don’t live on dessert is to not keep it in the home.  This means that any sweets I may want, I have to go out for, such as ice-cream on the weekend.  Let me tell you, this tactic is KEY to my success.

#3: Stop right before full
I have to admit, this habit has taken the longest time to perfect (and that’s ok) but it has also been one of my most successful habits.  For every meal that I eat, I strive to make a conscious effort to stop right before I’m full.  This ensures two things – I stay within a healthy portion control and I don’t eat to the point of being uncomfortable or sick.  Win-win!

#4: Commit to regular workouts 
Every week, I carve out free time between my sessions to workout at the gym.  A good week of workouts for me can be anywhere from 3-5/week, for 30-60 mins, depending on my schedule.  If I have less days to workout, I make sure I work a little harder and if I have more days, one of those days may be light. Yes, I totally have days where I don’t want to workout, but I still try to go and at the very least do a lighter or shorter workout.  This ensures that I stay on track and continue to feel good both physically and mentally.

#5: Heavier weights, more frequently 
The way I workout has changed a lot over the past few years.  I used to focus my workouts on a 4-5 mile run every session with less emphasis on weights.  About two years ago, I cut out running and machine cardio (except for incline walking) and started lifting heavier weights, more frequently.  By doing so, I saw huge strength gains (yay!) and an improved physique.

successful habits of fitness professionals sophie
Focusing on heavier lifting with some deadlifts.

**Stay tuned for next week when Jason, Co-owner of DeHenzel Training Systems, shares his top habits for success!**

Written by DeHenzel Training Systems
5 Successful Habits of Fitness Professionals: Sophie DeHenzel

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