5 Successful Habits of
Fitness Professionals: Hannah Harvey-Sampson

Hannah Harvey Sampson certified personal trainer

Have you ever wondered what type of habits fitness professionals live by?  What do they eat?  What type workouts do they do?  Do they practice what they preach?

Believe or not, these are common questions we get asked all the time.  To shed some light on what habits we subscribe to for success in our lives, this week we are addressing some of those common questions.

This week, we are continuing with our Successful Habits of Fitness Professionals Series and we have Hannah, Certified Personal Trainer and Pre/Post Natal Specialist, with her top 5 strategies and habits for success when it comes to health and fitness.

#1: Set Goals
I think it’s of the utmost importance to set goals for oneself and track, evaluate, and measure progress towards these goals frequently. Assessing and measuring progress towards goals regularly is a means of holding oneself accountable and ensuring that forward progress is being made.

#2: Plan Workouts into Your Schedule
If you don’t plan your workouts out for the weeks ahead it is likely that you’ll make excuses as to why you cannot exercise/don’t have time or energy for it. Make sure that you are prepared with gym clothes packed and have a specific time in mind to hit the gym and exercise for at least 30 minutes each day. If you mentally prepare yourself to exercise, you won’t let other things come up and take the place of your daily workout routine.

#3: Meal Prep
I try to care out time on Sundays to organize my meals for the week. This tactic really helps with portion control and also making sure that you have the right macros and micros for each coming meal. If I don’t pack my meals before I leave the house I am left to my own devices for the day and this can easily result in poor choices when it comes to eating.

Hannah (left) and her friend, after one of her many marathon races!

#4: Get Organized 
It could be argued that this is a summary point for the above three habits. It’s crucial to organize one’s workouts, one’s meals, and evaluate progress along the way. The best way to maintain a lifestyle is to make daily choices towards a goal and solidify those choices into habits over time. This can only be achieved by being organized and purposeful in your daily choices.

#5: Listen to Your Body
This may be the most important habit that I have personally learned over the years. To this day I have to remind myself to listen to my body and not over-train. The human body has limits just like any other machine. It is critical to know one’s limits when it comes to how much sleep you need each night, how physically fit you are, and how much you can cram into each day. If you don’t take proper care of yourself you will find yourself injured, sick, rundown, and/or burnt out. Even when you want to push the limits of what you can do, remember to slow it down and be smart about what makes sense for your situation and what does not.

**Stay tuned for next week when Certified Personal Trainer, Cortnee, shares her top habits for success!**

Written by DeHenzel Training Systems
5 Successful Habits of Fitness Professionals: Hannah Harvey-Sampson

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