Pushing Through a Workout Slump

pushing through a workout slump
We’ve all been there before, that time in your life where you just don’t want (like really don’t want) to workout. Maybe it’s work or family stress that has you feeling this way. Or maybe you’re just too exhausted from your day to even care about working out. Regardless of the reason, there is a way out. The first way out of a workout slump is to understand why it’s happening, followed by determining what you can do to turn it around.

Understanding it’s NORMAL. We all fall victim to the occasional workout slump, even fitness professionals like ourselves. These slumps are often brought on by fatigue, stress and even workout boredom. Sometimes these feelings can last for a day, whereas other times it can last for multiple days, weeks or even months.

Life is a crazy ride and it’s not always a smooth one. There are bumps, slumps, peaks and valleys. With this being said, it’s not realistic to always think that everyday you will wake up and look forward to your workout. And if you are one of those few people who do, more power to you!

pushing through workout slump
Life is full of detours

The first step to busting out of a slump is to address the root of the issue with one or two simple adjustments. Oftentimes the root of the issue can be fatigue, stress or even workout boredom. The key here is one or two simple adjustments. If you try to change everything at once, it can become overwhelming and backfire, putting you right back to square one.

A simple adjustment for fatigue could be going to bed 30 mins earlier to get a little more sleep. Another simple adjustment, this time for stress, could be to take a boxing class or box with a personal trainer a few times a week. Boxing is known to be a great stress reliever.   Lastly, a simple adjustment for workout boredom could be to join a new class at the gym or enlist a friend to workout with.

push though a workout slump
Boxing can be a great stress reliever

The second step to overcoming a workout slump is to pick something you like to do and do it. Although this sounds so simple, it’s oftentimes ignored. For example, just because spinning is a great cardiovascular workout, doesn’t mean that it’s the only way to workout. Same goes for every other mode or class. Do what you like to do. Otherwise, it can become easy to begin to resent working out and fall into a slump.

The third and final step to turning a workout slump around comes back to understanding. Understand that if you’re proactive, the feeling will pass. If you find yourself in a workout slump, acknowledge that you’re in one, why it’s happening and begin with a small adjustment to start turning things around.

Written by Sophie DeHenzel
Pushing Through a Workout Slump

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