5 Successful Habits of
Fitness Professionals: Shayla Gerity

Meet Shayla

Have you ever wondered what type of habits fitness professionals live by?  What do they eat?  What type workouts do they do?  Do they practice what they preach?

Believe or not, these are common questions we get asked all the time.  To shed some light on what habits we subscribe to for success in our lives, this week we are addressing some of those common questions.

Last week, we profiled Nick, and this week we are continuing with our Successful Habits of Fitness Professionals series with Shayla who is a Certified Personal Trainer, and soon to be, Pre/Post Natal Trainer!  Follow along as Shayla shares her top 5 strategies and habits for success when it comes to health and fitness!

#1: Balance
Fitness is a huge part of my life, between work and personal goals I spend a lot of time in the gym, outside, or working out at home. The strategy that keeps me motivated and helps me complete all of my workouts is balance. I set aside 1-2 days a week that I know I will not be working out. If I did not take these days off, I know that I would quickly lose the drive to work out at all. Setting aside time to spend relaxing, and far away from the gym is key for my success. I want to look forward to my workouts and not dread them, so first and foremost I plan my days where I WON’T be working out and I go from there.

#2: Schedule
After I have my days off planned, I can settle in and plan my workouts for the week. I plan heavy activity for days when I know I can rest the next day, and I try to mix my cardio, weights, and core workouts so that I never get bored. If I plan out my workouts at the beginning of a week, I can refer back to my schedule and hold myself accountable for each workout. This also helps me step away from my work, my social plans, and whatever else might be holding my attention and get my workout in. It is easy to say that I am busy and I can skip my workout, but keeping it listed and checking it off when I’m done helps keep me accountable.

successful habits of fitness professionals shayla gerity
Shayla finishing the Cherry Blossom race this year

#3: Variety
The other thing that keeps me going, especially during my midweek slump is switching up my workouts. I try to vary my exercise routine as much as I can. I mix in weight lifting, core training, cardio, and even group exercise classes. By keeping my mind from getting bored with one activity, my body can maximize its efforts. I know some of those activities sound boring, but cardio does not always mean running or using the elliptical. Open your mind and the options will come flooding in.

#4: Maintenance
The reason I can force myself out of my very comfortable bed each day, and look forward to exercise is by taking care of myself. I strive to get enough sleep and water into my system every day. Knowing when to turn off Netflix, or shutdown your computer and go to sleep is so important. I make bedtime something I can look forward to every day. I stretch before climbing into bed so that I can truly relax, and I keep the TV off once I’m in bed. I’ll leave a soft light on if I want to read, but my goal every night is to get into bed and fall asleep as fast as possible.

The other maintenance “chore” that I follow religiously is hydration. I drink water upon waking up all the way until I’m climbing into bed. Not only does water make you feel good, it keeps you full, it helps your skin, and it aids in recovery from exercise. Water is such a key part of my routine that I can physically tell when I haven’t drank enough. I get sore faster, and I get mild headaches. That’s why I always carry a water bottle with me!

#5: Have FUN!
What I believe most when it comes to a successful fitness routine is that you need to have fun. If you are miserable, bored, or just going through the motions exercise will never be fun. If you hate running, don’t do it! If group exercise classes give you anxiety, find something you can do on your own! There are a ton of ways to get active; kayaking, dancing, boxing, weight-training, and the list goes on and on. Just remember exercise never has to be boring, you just have to go out and find the thing that suits you best. Try to find a few things if you can! The more options you provide for yourself, the more likely you’ll be able be able to stick to your goals.


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5 Successful Habits of Fitness Professionals: Shayla Gerity

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