5 Successful Habits of
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Certified Personal Trainer Haley Murphy
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Have you ever wondered what type of habits fitness professionals live by?  What do they eat?  What type workouts do they do?  Do they practice what they preach?

Believe or not, these are common questions we get asked all the time.  To shed some light on what habits we subscribe to for success in our lives, this week we are addressing some of those common questions.

Last week, we profiled Shayla, and this week we are continuing with our Successful Habits of Fitness Professionals series with Haley who is a Certified Personal Trainer, and soon to be, Pre/Post Natal Trainer!  Follow along as Haley shares his top 5 strategies and habits for success when it comes to health and fitness!

#1: Dedication and Consistency
Success and change does not happen overnight. Before I ever started working out, I was a scrawny little guy that could barely lift a feather. It took me two months of working out consistently to make fitness and exercise a habit, which ultimately turned into my passion. Now, I feel unsatisfied if I do not hit the gym at least 4-5 days a week. Since I first started exercising, I’ve noticed a significant change in my physique, mind, and health over the years. I always set goals and try to focus on accomplishing them within certain time periods (usually a month or longer).

successful habits of fitness professionals haley murphy
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#2: Nutrition is a MUST
You are what you eat! Over time, I’ve come to learn that nutrition and exercise go hand in hand. I never noticed much of a difference in strength, muscle mass, body conditioning, or energy until I started eating a well-balanced diet. I always try to prep meals for the week making sure to include various fruits and vegetables. Of course I have an occasional cheat day or two, and after eating right, as well as exercising consistently, it makes the cheat day that much more rewarding. Who can resist a big bowl of Lucky Charms cereal every now and then?

#3: Always Trying to Learn
Learning and education about the fitness industry is a top priority for me. I’m constantly reading articles and watching videos that help build my knowledge for health and exercise. One of my favorite fitness professionals I follow is Jeff Cavaliere, former New York Mets Physical Therapist and Strength Coach, and he is the creator of ATHLEAN-X. I take great pride in learning new information or exercises and being able to successfully implement them into my lifestyle or workout. Also, I hope to one day be an expert in my habit and become a fitness professional that others can look up to and learn.

successful habits of fitness professionals haley
Haley mixing up his plank with a medicine ball

#4: Mixing it up
Avoid the dreadful training plateau. I do not like to feel bored in the gym, so I always find or think of new ways to switch up my workouts. I enjoy taking a specific muscle group and trying various exercises using different equipment to make the workout fun, safe, and effective. Recently, I’ve incorporated more cardio exercises into my workout program which helped increase my stamina for weight lifting. I believe it’s important to vary exercises and workouts every once in awhile, applying the principle of progressive overload, so that your muscle memory is consistently being challenged.

#5: Music for Motivation
There is no way I can step foot inside a gym or outside to run without headphones for music. I, just like anyone else, have the occasional “not feeling it” type lazy day, but once I push myself to get ready to train all I need is music to get me pumped. I’ll listen to all types of music; sometimes even Reggaeton or Pit Bull (I don’t even speak Spanish). Also, having my headphones in helps me focus and avoid any distractions.


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5 Successful Habits of Fitness Professionals: Haley Murphy

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