5 Successful Habits of
Fitness Professionals: Erika Stepter

Certified Personal Trainer Erika Stepter
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Have you ever wondered what type of habits fitness professionals live by?  What do they eat?  What type workouts do they do?  Do they practice what they preach?

Believe or not, these are common questions we get asked all the time.  To shed some light on what habits we subscribe to for success in our lives, this week we are addressing some of those common questions.

Last week, we profiled Haley, and this week we are continuing with our Successful Habits of Fitness Professionals series with Erika who is a Certified Personal Trainer and Pre/Post Natal Trainer!  Follow along as Erika shares her top 5 strategies and habits for success when it comes to health and fitness!

#1: Set Goals and Visualize Success
We all have health goals that we want to achieve. Throughout the years, I have found that when I write out my goals they become easier to accomplish. I continually make lists to illustrate both my long term and daily goals; happily checking them off once completed.

During college, I lost sight of my health goals and found myself unhealthy and lacking energy. Once I graduated I decided to reprioritize my well-being. Through time and attention, I became focused and motivated; health once again became my number one priority!

Today, I have gained a new appreciation for health and fitness. Once I achieve my goals I celebrate by doing activities that relax me such as hanging out with friends, listening to music or going for a hike. I enjoy being physically active and I look forward to setting new goals for myself.

Erikas amazing transformation post college

#2: Eat Wholesome, Smaller Portions Regularly
It is important that I get adequate nutrition to continuously enjoy the activities I love. I have found that when I eat small well-balanced meals I feel energized, not sluggish or too full. For dinner having a fist sized portion of green beans and brown rice and a palm serving size of salmon makes me feel full and strong.

During the week, when I am traveling to visit my clients I make sure to pack plenty of healthy snacks. I enjoy curbing my appetite by eating apples, bananas, carrots, celery, peanut butter and dried fruit. I’ve found that when I eat smaller meals and snacks throughout the day I am less likely to over eat.

#3: Drink Plenty of Water
Our bodies are mainly made of water and many of our daily functions depend on it. It is important that I stay hydrated during and after my work outs. Water prevents feelings of fatigue, regulates my system and nourishes my cells.

Water also helps to curb my appetite. Sometimes when I think that I am hungry it turns out that I have not had enough to drink. Throughout the day, I make sure to keep a recyclable bottle with me and fill up regularly

successful habits of fitness professionals erika

#4: Weight Train
Lifting weights has helped to transform my body. Prior to learning how to properly weight train I believed that cardio was the only way to a fit and healthy body. I feared that lifting weights would make my body too bulky.

Once I learned the proper techniques to weight training it became a fun and amazing way to optimize my results. I still enjoy and make time for cardio since it assists in developing a lean physique. However, safely lifting heavy weights has given me the physique that I desire.

#5: Have Fun!
Maintaining an active lifestyle is extremely important to me. I enjoy exploring creative and fun ways to stay in shape. Cycling, Zumba and participating in 5k’s are all exciting ways to get a good work out in.

There are so many new exercises to learn and enjoy. I love learning new techniques and practices during my free time to help my clients optimize their results. Having fun while working out ensures that I will stick to my plan and work out frequently.


Written by DeHenzel Training Systems
5 Successful Habits of Fitness Professionals: Erika Stepter

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